The Final Countdown

Over the last couple of weeks, we have discussed how we select the proper turf for our application and how to properly maintain that turf once it is installed.  Today, we will wrap up our series on turf with fertilization and weed management.  We certainly want to do everything we can to limit the use of pesticides by creating healthy turf through proper watering, maintenance, and other non-chemical maintenance practices.  Often, we cannot avoid the use of those and must make sure that we are applying those correctly to give our lawn the finishing touch it needs to be healthy and look great.

The Special Weapon

Fertilizer, by definition, is a chemical or natural material added to the soil to increase health and aid in plant growth.  Think of it as the food and nutrients your lawn needs.  Fertilizers are typically needed because most soils do not provide the essential nutrients required for optimum growth.

The Secret Code

You’ve likely seen the letters N-P-K followed by a number for each letter on a bag of fertilizer, but what do they mean?  These letters represent Nitrogen Phosphorus, and Potassium, with the numbers representing the percentage of each found in the bag.  Nitrogen helps the leaf of the plant “green up”, phosphorus promotes good root health, and potassium helps the stem provide overall turf health.

The Treasure Map

Applying fertilizers and pesticides correctly are of the utmost importance.  Applying too little or too much will negatively affect your lawns appearance and health.  How do we do that?  Quite simply, read the label.  Every fertilizer and pesticide comes with a label containing very detailed instructions regarding safety equipment needed to apply, proper handling instructions, target turf/pests, application rates, and clean up methods.

The Hero Wins

At Earthworks, we are SC certified pesticide applicators, properly trained in each aspect of applying fertilizers and pesticides to turf.  We would love nothing more than to have a conversation with you about any area of turf selection or management we have discussed and how we can partner with you to create beautiful, healthy turf.  Give us a call today at 864-423-3844 or click HERE to start a conversation with us.

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