This time of year, some of us are already thinking about those new shrubs, the beautiful ornamental tree, or the colorful annual flowers we want to put in the ground this spring.  Or maybe you are looking at your existing plants and wondering why they do not look as healthy as when you planted them a few years ago.  You also may be overrun with weeds in your existing plant beds you wish would disappear like these bitterly cold days.  A properly mulched bed with a premium quality mulch will not only finish the job well but will provide many benefits for years to come.

Not just another pretty face

Mulch is used to capture/retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, improve soil compaction/erosion, keep the soil cool, protect roots from sun damage, and prevent cold weather damage in winter all while making the garden bed look more attractive.  These items are critical for plant health.  If a plant is left exposed to the natural elements without a mulch covering, expect plant decline after some time.  A layer of organic mulch approximately 3” will provide these benefits along with improving your soil structure, drainage, and nutrient holding capacity as the mulch decomposes. Bark mulches are best used around trees, shrubs, and in garden beds where you will not be doing a lot of digging, like front walkways and foundation plantings. Trees and shrubs benefit from mulch spread at least as far as their outermost branches (the dripline). To prevent diseases and pest infestation, avoid piling mulch against the stem or trunk of the plant.

A properly mulched bed with a premium quality mulch will not only finish the job but will provide many plant health benefits for years to come

Not all mulches are created equal

It pays to know the origin of mulch, since it can contain viable weed seeds or chemicals. The last thing you want is to spread a mulch that is going to start sprouting, create an insect problem, contaminate your plants with chemicals, be filled with trash and make more work for you.  If you have ever found a shovel, a fence post, or (well we could tell plenty of stories) …you know what we mean here.  Our mulch is virgin wood, which means it comes straight from a lumber mill and has never been treated with harsh chemicals.

All bark and no bite

Bark mulches have excellent resistance to compaction thus allowing water to penetrate more easily to the root zone.  Compared to wood chips or shredded wood mulch, bark retains its color much longer and does not decompose as quickly as wood.  At Earthworks Unlimited, all our premium mulches are composed from 100% pure bark.  Contact us through our online contact form HERE or call us at 864-423-3844 for a free estimate on mulch or any of your landscape demands. 

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