The Problem

Spring is just around the corner!  The smell of burgers on the grill, the sounds of kids playing in the lawn, and the pain of a fire ant bite to make it all come to a screeching halt.  Fire ants are one of the biggest inhibitors we have in our area to enjoying the great outdoors.  Besides the comfort piece, fire ants are extremely dangerous or deadly to those allergic and are a major contributor to premature failure in HVAC systems and other outdoor electrical equipment.

The Facts

A few fun (or not so fun) facts about fire ants:

  • Fire ants were accidentally brought into the US on a cargo boat from South America that landed in Alabama.  They have acclimated to cooler temps a little more each year and continue to push farther north.
  • Fire ant colonies can house 250,000 ants or more.
  • Worker ants create underground tunnels that can extend up to 25 feet away from the mound
  • Fire ants need warmth in winter and will get inside electrical components (HVAC systems, landscape lighting, utility boxes, etc.).  In doing so, they cause overheating issues and can chew through wiring insulation causing major, expensive problems.
  • Most people will feel moderate to severe discomfort when bitten but some folks are highly allergic to the venom in a fire ant bite, which can prove fatal.
  • Fire ants love damp soil which makes your well maintained and irrigated lawn a perfect home.
  • Queen ants live an average of 7 years and can lay 1600 eggs daily. At that rate of breeding, it is imperative to prevent fire ants and not simply treat the mounds as you are already behind at that point. 
  • For every visible mound in a lawn, there are several other immature colonies working to construct their mound

The Solution

These are only a few highlights on this fascinating, yet aggravating creature.  As incredible and durable as they are, we know of no one that wants them around.  Fortunately, Earthworks Unlimited has the solution.  Most fire ant treatments are composed of a bait that, if not consumed quickly, will go stale and not be effective.  Our treatment is a once per year treatment that is not only preventative and curative but carries a one year residual guarantee.  If you see a fire ant mound, we return to treat it at no cost to you.  In addition, our treatment is completely safe for pets as the active ingredient is the same as a flea and tick collar.  We highly recommend this treatment be applied before spring to take advantage of the treatment’s preventative features.  Contact us through our online contact form here or call us at 864-423-3844 to get a free quote! 

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