Lawn maintenance takes alot of work. Before attempting to tackle your landscape, be sure to contact a professional. As the summer months are approaching, it is important to know the proper steps to take for efficient summer lawn management.

Mow Regularly 

The best way to maintain a healthy landscape during the summer months is to maintain a regular mowing schedule to keep your lawn healthy. This range can go from mowing once a week to several times a week. Regular mowing prevents grass from becoming dried out, brown and unhealthy during hot days and droughts. 

Keep Pests Away

There are many types of insects that love to make themselves at home in your lawn during summer. However, allowing these creatures to inhabit your yard is a recipe for disaster. It is best to spray preventatively for these insects before they arrive and get cozy. 

Feed & Fertilize 

While any type of greenery needs extra TLC throughout the hot months, grass is especially susceptible to warm weather. That’s why it is important to use nutrient boosters for your lawn. 

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated 

Watering your lawn is extremely important. However, watering at the wrong time of day can hurt your grass rather than help it. It is important to water during the hottest parts of the day. This will hydrate your plants without them becoming too damp. Watering after sundown can cause your grass to retain too much moisture which can result in fungal growth. 

Always Consult a Professional 

Before tackling the ins and outs of landscaping, it is important to consult a professional on proper lawn care. Lawn maintenance is a full-time job and takes a certain level of expertise and knowledge to maintain healthy greenery vitality. 

Make sure your lawn is always at its best. For more tips on lawn care, call us today. (864) 423-3844

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