Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting venture, but it can also come with many new objectives. Part of owning a home is caring for your lawn. If you are a new homeowner, it is important to know what landscaping truly involves as well as the tools you need to successfully care for your lawn. 

Invest in a Lawn Mower 

 A lawn mower may be one of the last things that new homeowners think about when moving in. However, your lawn can quickly get out of control if not properly maintained. When deciding to get a lawn mower, It is important to get the right kind for the size of your lawn. For smaller yards, it is environmentally and budget-friendly to get a small push mower to maintain your yard. For larger lawns, it is best to invest in a walk-behind, gas mower. 

Water Your Lawn 

Summer heat can leave your lawn brown and dry. When watering your lawn, be sure to water during the morning so that the water can be fully absorbed by your grass. If you find that watering your lawn is too much to manage, consider installing an automatic sprinkler system to ensure your lawn is sufficiently watered every day. 

Weed Your Lawn 

Weeds tend to have deep roots that are difficult to remove. It is best to use a shovel when removing weeds so that you can be sure they won’t continue to regrow. Weeds are one of the biggest roadblocks in maintaining a landscape. If you continue to have problems with weeds, consider spraying with herbicide as well.

Maintaining a new lawn can be difficult. If you want a beautiful landscape to pair with your new home, call Earthworks Unlimited today (864) 423-3844.

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